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Bosnia and Herzegovina - Countries of Europe - Bosnia and Herzegovina

Short Name: Bosnia and Herzegovina

Formal Name: Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina or Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina

European Union Membership: NO

N.A.T.O. Membership: Yes, since 2010.

Form of Government: Federative Republic

Surface: 51.197 km2. Bosnia and Herzegovina is the 128th largest country in the world.

Population: aprox. 3,843,000

Density: 75 persons / square km

GDP Nominal: aprox. 12.90 billion Euros. GDP Nominal per capita: aprox. 3.317 Euros

Official Language: Bosnian, Serbian, Croatian

Other used languages:

Capital City: Sarajevo

National Holyday: 25 November

Independence date: 1 March 1992 from The Former Yugoslavia

Currency used: Bosnia and Herzegovina convertible mark (BAM) 1 BAM = 100 Fenings

Main Religions: Muslims (48%), Serb Orthodox (34%), Roman Catholics (13%)

Particular things: At the beginning of the XXth century, Bosnia – Herzegovina was disputed by the Austro-Hungarian Empire, The Ottoman Empire and the Serb state supported by the Russian Empire. In 1908 Bosnia Herzegovina was annexed by the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Political unrest between Serb nationalists and the Austro-Hungarian authorities reached a peak in 1914 when the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne was assassinated in Sarajevo (Capital of Bosnia-Herzegovina). This was the sparkle that ultimately led to the beginning of the First World War.

National Anthem…

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