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Andorra - Countries in Europe - Andorra

Short Name: Andorra

Formal Name: Principality of Andorra

European Union Membership: Not officially. Andorra has a special agreement with the European Union

N.A.T.O. Membership: NO

Form of Government: Monarchy

Surface: 468 km2 Andorra is the 181 largest country in the world and the 6th smallest country in Europe

Population: aprox. 84.000

Density: 179.8 persons / square km

GDP Nominal: aprox. 2.09 billion Euros. GDP Nominal per capita: aprox. 24.775 Euros

Official Language: Catalan

Other used languages: Spanish, Portuguese, and French

Capital City: Andorra la Vella

National Holyday: 8 September

Independence date: year 1278

Currency used: Euro – Euro coins issued by Andorra have a high collection value.

Main Religions: Roman Catholic

Particular things: Andorra has a very particular monarchy in which the role of monarch is exercised jointly by four people: the two co-princes from Andorra, the President of the French Republic and the Bishop of Urgell, Catalonia.

National Anthem…

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