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Austria - Countries in Europe - Austria

Short Name: Austria

Formal Name: Republic of Austria

European Union Membership: Yes. Since 1995

N.A.T.O. Membership: NO

Form of Government: Republic

Surface: 83.871 km2. Austria is the 115th largest country in the world.

Population: aprox. 8.217.000

Density: 99 persons / square km

GDP Nominal: aprox. 293.05 billion Euros. GDP Nominal per capita: aprox. 34.985 Euros

Official Language: German

Other used languages:

Capital City: Wien

National Holyday: 26 October

Independence date:

Currency used: Euro.

Main Religions: Roman Catholic, Protestant

Particular things: After being occupied and annexed by Nazi Germany in 1938 and the liberation by the allied forces in 1945, Austria decided to be military neutral through the 1955 constitution.

National Anthem…

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