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Azerbaijan - Countries of Europe - Azerbaijan

Short Name: Azerbaijan

Formal Name: Republic of Azerbaijan

European Union Membership: NO.

N.A.T.O. Membership: NO

Form of Government: Republic

Surface: 86.600 km2. Azerbaijan is the 114th largest country in the world.

Population: aprox. 8,372,000

Density: 105.8 persons / square km

GDP Nominal: aprox. 52,23 billion Euros. GDP Nominal per capita: aprox. 5.726 Euros

Official Language: Azerbaijani

Other used languages:

Capital City: Baku

National Holyday: 28 May

Independence date: 28 May 1918 from the Ottoman Empire and 30 August 1991 from the Soviet Union

Currency used: Manat (1Manat = 100 qəpik).

Main Religions: Muslim

Particular things: Azerbaijan became the first democratic and secular republic in the Muslim world in 1918. Unfortunately it lasted only for two years because in 1920 Azerbaijan was incorporated in the Soviet Union.

National Anthem…

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